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  • BEE3EZ_label_printer

    model: BEE3-EZ
    K-Sun LABELShop® BEE3®-EZ Kit
    $139.00 (USD)

    • BEE3®-EZ Printer
    • AC Adapter
    • Quick Start Card
    • Manual
    • MagiCutter® -Tape Liner Cutter Tool
    • 212BW Tape Cartridge and
    • Wrist Strap
  • BEE3_AdapterLSAD-BEZ

    model: LSAD-BEZ
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers (USA)

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers


    model: LSAD-BEZ-EU
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers (EU)

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers


    model: LSAD-BEZ-UK
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers (UK)

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers


    model: LSAD2B
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3 Printer - US

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ Printer

    model: LSAD-2B-EU
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3 and BEE3+ Printers - EU

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Label Printers


    model: LSAD-2B-UK
    K-Sun LABELShop® AC Power Adapter for BEE3 and BEE3+ Printers – UK

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers


    model: LSCSS-BEZ
    Carrying Case for BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers


    model: LSCSS-BEE
    Black High Impact Carrying Case for BEE3 and BEE3+ Printers

    For Use With BEE3 and BEE3+ Printers


    model: LSTA-3BEE
    12 Volt DC Truck & Auto Adapter for BEE3 Printer

    For Use With BEE3® Printer


    model: LSALWS-BEE
    Nylon Adjustable Locking Wrist Strap

    For Use With BEE3®-EZ and BEE3®-EZ+ Printers

  • BEE3-EZ Printer Features
    Label Machine Dimensions 7.4″ wide x 2.3″ high x 8.8″ deep
    Label Machine Weight 1.23 lbs.
    Print Resolution 180 dpi

    Barcode Formats

    6 barcode formats: Code 39, Code 128, ITF, UPC-A, UPC-E, CODABAR
    LCD LCD Prompts in English or Spanish.
    LCD Display: 12 Characters, 2-Lines Dot Matrix STNLCD
    Characters 14 Fonts, Bitmap Fonts Installed For Print Characters.
    Symbols: 1,028 Special Industrial, Medical, Safety, Office, Home and General Symbols, Punctuation, Math, Arrows and More.
    Tape Cutter Automatic tape & heat shrink tube cutter
    Tape Colors 60 Combinations (size, color, and shrink combinations)
    Memory Storage 4 Files
    Formatting multi-line
    Label Length 15″, 90 Characters

    Tape and Heat Shrink Tube Supplies

    Two-In-One Tape:
    • Flexible Polyester Base for Wire and Cable Wrap.
    • Polyester Provides Durability and Permanent Adhesive
    • Strength for Flat Surfaces Too.
    • Solves Two Requirements With One Tape.
    Tape Width Selection: 5-Widths- 1/6″(4mm), 1/4″(6mm), 3/8″(9mm), 1/2″(12mm), 3/4″(18mm)
    Heat Shrink Tube Selection: Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tube Material in 1/8″ and 3/16″ Widths, Three Color Combinations

    Environmental and Safety

    Printer Runs on Safe 6.5V DC Power
    • Conforms to FCC Class B Standards
    • RoHS Directive: Parts Within RoHS Requirements and Standards
    • Non-PVC Parts
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Overheat Detection and Power Shut Off
    • Auto Text Storage When Power Out
    • Automatic Temperature Sensor
    • Battery Reversed Alarm
    • Circuit Breaker
    • LSAD Adapter: Meets All Requirements for California
    Energy Commission’s Minimum Efficiency and
    No-Load Energy Reduction Standards
    Cable Label Function Cable Label “Quick Key” Speeds Design of Wire and Cable Labels


    Runs on Batteries- 6AA, AC Power Adapter-115-240V That Complies With California Energy Reduction Requirements & DC Auto & Truck Adapter-12V

    Print Technology

    High Durability Thermal Transfer
    Labeling Tape Sizes 1/6″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ and 3/4″
    Shrink Tube Sizes 1/8″ and 3/16″
  • TAPE TYPE / WIDTH 1/8” (3mm) 1/6” (4mm) 3/16” (5mm) 1/4” (6mm) 3/8” (9mm) 1/2” (12mm) 5/8” (15.8mm) 3/4” (18mm) 1” (24mm) 1 3/16” (30mm) 1 1/2” (36mm) 2” (50mm) 4” (100mm)
    Industrial  Supported  Supported  Supported  Supported  Supported
    Super Strength Adhesive
    Permanent Adhesive  Supported  Supported  Supported
    Removable  Supported
    Shrink Tube  Supported  Supported
    Self Lamination Overwrap / Wire Wrap
    Iron On Fabric  Supported  Supported
    Fluorescent  Supported
    Photoluminescent / Glow-In-The-Dark  Supported  Supported
    Magnetic  Supported  Supported  Supported
    Flexible ID
    Wide Format Tape
    Resin / Thermal Transfer Ribbon

    Easy snap-in cartridge loads from the top. See tape size, color, type, and quantity through clear cover.

    Auto or manual tape cutter.

    Print preview to review label before printing. Save time and wasted materials.

    Euro Latin Hot Key for easy access to 204 international characters.

    LCD prompts in English or Spanish.

    Cable/Flag Hot Key for easy access to cable and flag label formats.

    Font and size hot keys. 14 font styles, 5 sizes and 1-4 lines of text.

    QWERTY style keyboard for easy text entry


    Pre-loaded barcodes make it easy to keep inventory organized.

    Make professional looking heat shrink tube markers for dozens of applications.

    Print up to 3/4″ wide magnetic tape for durable, moveable labels.

    Keep your facility, MRO, and warehouse organized with the portable BEE3-EZ label printer.

    Heat shrink tube is not just for wires.  Versatile and durable, use heat shrink tubing for other identification needs.

    Make your workplace safer with visible labels.

    Labeling tapes are flexible and durable for multiple applications indoors or outside.

    Flexible polyester tape base is designed for wire and cable wrap, flagging, tabbing and curved surfaces. Polyester base also provides durability and permanent labels for flat surfaces.

    8 barcode formats expand the amount of information you can put on a label.  Stay organized for a more efficient workplace.

    Heat shrink tube is the quickest, most effective way to identify cables and wiring.

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